Mexican Art

Mexican art is the complex collection of relics and items made of diverse materials that are intended for decorative and other utilitarian purposes. The scope of the art is generally within the geographical area which is now known as Mexico. Mexican art heritage goes back some 20 centuries, from its earliest inhabitants to the current demography of today. Despite the fact that the country had underwent certain revolutionary episodes that blemished and corrupted its cultural identity, still many of its relevant and historic art has survived the millennia, preserved and treasured for many years to come.

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Earliest inhabitants of the country have used indigenous materials as the primary fabric of its artistic footprints. These artistic footprints, or arts as people call it, are generally anchored on the people’s religion and government. Indigenous materials include clay, rocks and even skeletal remains such as skulls and bones. Mexican skull art is basically the influence of pre-Columbian cities that have ruled over central Mexico even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. During this period, these cities were the most advance in terms of art and its buildings. They used skulls and bones of animal remains and even of humans in creating icons and decorations. An example of these ancient pieces includes a coyote head that was carved from the bone of a llama. This relic was found in the area of Tequixqual and was estimated to be approximately 14,000 years already.

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Mexican folk art includes items that were made from hand such as vases, furniture, ceramics, wall hangings, textiles and many more. In Mexican terms, these handicraft items were called as artesania. These traditional arts were basically influenced by local and European designs and techniques, a unique blending which they collectively call mestizo. The Eurpean designs and techniques were brought by the Spaniards when they made trades with the country before the Mexican Revolution. This unique blending of artesania has become a popular export and is also a popular tourist attraction for the country. Unfortunately, the exporting of these arts have been declining due to the excessive manufacturing of imitation products from China that has lead to serious problems for the country’s artisans.

The Mexican fine arts museum is dedicated to preserving the unique Mexican paintings  and items of the country. The museum understands the genuine value of art since it serves as the country’s national identity. Mexican art has helped shape the country’s perspectives, beliefs and people. It is only imperative to care for these items as this serves as the link that bridges the past and the contemporary. They aim that these arts will not only survive to meet this generation but also the following generations to come, linking more people from different times.

The Mexican fine arts museum contains thousands of art pieces from different regions of the country. The place has become a top destination for tourists who yearn to witness grand arts and relics. The museum is also expanding, acquiring more valuable art pieces every year.  Are you looking for authentic Mexican art for sale?, make sure you visit MLA online art gallery today.

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