Holidays and Your Logo Design

When you are planning to design a logo, the key is to make it simple. Why? One reason is to make it more effective in establishing recall. Another is to make it adaptable. A good example of an adaptable logo is Google’s logo. While it has a primary logo, think of how many designs it has to suit every occasion and holiday on the planet. That’s a lot. The challenge for a logo designer is to create a logo design that reflects the company and at the same time, one that is versatile and easy to work with.

A good way to further promote your logo design is to take advantage of the holidays. People love holidays and relaxing breaks. If your logo design can adapt to many different occasions, your brand will be more familiar and attract more clients. Think of it this way, when something is associated with good occasions, say Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the good feeling will automatically be associated with your brand.


To adapt to many different occasions and holidays, it is highly recommended that you opt for a simple logo design from IT Graphix company, the best of web design Koh Samui—one that you use the rest of the year and one that can easily be revamp to suit various purposes.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a logo designer to design a logo for different holidays.

It shows that your brand is culturally and socially aware.

To care enough to have your professional logo design revamped for a specific occasion means that your intention is not only about increasing the bottom line. It lets the public know that you are one with them. Christmas, for example is a worldwide holiday. If you have a logo design particularly for Christmas, it’s like you are getting into the spirit.


It aids exposure.

Holidays are good reasons to promote your product and services. Travel logos for example could benefit from this. Travel logos like the Tripadvisor logo, can be revamped during summer when they are giving away discounts and promotional offers. The Tripadvisor logo can also be altered during Christmas to promote the holiday season and the company as well. In fact, travel logos are among the ones that should be versatile as their line of business is usually season-driven.

It shows that your brand believes in a good cause.

Special holidays such as Earth Day, are a good opportunity to let the public know that you support good causes. Google has special logos meant for Earth Day. This connotes that even a technology dependent business also cares for the planet, which is endearing and encouraging.

As a company, you don’t have to be strictly limited to one logo design. You can hire a professional logo designer to create a special logo design for a specific holiday you want your company to be associated with. An emblem that can adapt to the times seems “current”, “present”, and “very visible”.